Our Trails

Our partnerships

How to Get to the Trails

There are four great locations, all within riding distance, to start exploring our trails. You can park at any of the following TRAILHEADS:

1. Beachburg County Forest Trail Head. (parking lot is the intersection of Fletcher Rd and #631 Government Road).  Turn into parking lot off Government Rd.  There are aprox 20km of trails that all lead back to the same parking lot.  Original Red trail is 2.2km, Original Blue is 4.4km and our Big Outside loop is 10km, includin Mark My Word and V-Tree. This is a great place for beginner/intermediate mountain bikers, hikers, snowshoers, and dog walkers!

2. Whitewater Brewery Trail Head.  Park at the brewery and explore aprox. 10km of trail.  Perfect for intermediate/advanced mountain bikers (there are also service roads for beginners).  Views of the Ottawa River's beautiful rapids can be seen along here.  (Intersection of Fletcher Rd and Grants Settlement Rd.)

3. Little Lakes County Forest. Park at the Little Lakes day-park just 1km south of Beachburg and ride 1.5km up Pappin Rd to top short/steep hill. Enter gravel road on left and immediately take left onto singletrack. Choose blue square on top of ridge or black diamond 'flowy' line below ridge. Trail merge and take you to gravel ATV trail. Exit left and 1.5 km back to Little Lakes Park (we are building more and more in here, so keep an eye out for new sections)

4. Hubert Property Trails. Our newest and "flowiest" trails yet. Located on crown land, these trails (Kim's Ridge, Algonquin Pass) are a 20 minute ride on ATV track from the Brewery Trailhead. See our maps. 

5.Wilderness Tours Trails CURRENTLY CLOSED, UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE (including: Big Poppa Trail). 

BORCA Trails  are created and managed by BORCA . The trails exist partially on private land and land owned by local business. Some of the private land is marked as such but regardless, it is imperative to always respect the land on which you're passing through. This means yielding to other passers-by, stopping should livestock be blocking the trail, packing out all garbage and adhering to signage (closed, hunting, etc…). We post "horses permitted" signs on some of our beginner "green" trails.  Photo Gallery

BORCA Partners with many local landowners/businesses who have graciously allowed trails through their property.  We thank the following:

County of Renfrew, Township of Whitewater Region, Buchanan Sand & Gravel, Delmar Lavallee Realty, Wilderness Tours, River Run Rafting, OWL Rafting,  Neil Hawthorne,   Beachburg Fair Board, Whitewater Brewery and Beachburg Rec Association.