Group classification

1. RED ROADIES - On more than 2 wheels (or push bike).  Goal - to learn to balance and pedal 2 wheels, plus basic road safety.

2. YELLOW JERSEYS- can ride on 2 wheels in a straight line and pedal.  GOAL: to learn to steer and brake more precisely, improve balance, further road safety.

3. WHITE WHEELIES - can steer and brake precisely, can ride on wide trail, able to bike various hardened surfaces, go up and down small hills with help, beginning to use brakes for control.

4. GREEN GRINDERS - can steer and brake precisely, can ride on wide trail, able to bike softer firm consistent surfaces, up and down small hills independently, will use brakes for control, can go over small obstacles (less then 2") and bridges (36" wide). 

5. BLUE BREAKAWAYS - can ride on wide trail (24" or more), able to bike stable but variable surfaces, up and down moderate hills, beginning to use brakes to maneuver, can go over moderate obstacles (8" tall or less) and bridges (24" wide).

new for 2016: ages 4-12

bi-Weekly: June 2 - Sept. 2


CRANKy KIDSis a bike club whose goal is to pass on a passion for biking, outdoors, and community to the next generation of cyclists.  Whether the skills will be used in the future to race, commute, ride the park, recreate in the trails, or on the streets, out goad is to pas on the amazing freedom 2 wheels gives.  We hope that families will join our movement towards developing a strong community in the Ottawa Valley who want to see families active together. 

FINAL RACE & AWARDS BANQUET: Saturday, Oct. 2nd.

TO REGISTER -  PLEASE CONTACT: Tim & Sara Ward at (and general inquiries).

COST: $100/first child, $45 second (sibling). 

1st Thursday in a Month - Instruction 5:30 - 6:20pm (Snack), Skill Trails 6:30-7pm

2nd Thursday in a Month - Dinner & Ride.

Dinner - 5:30-6pm, Ride - 6:00 - 7pm. (Divide into ride groups). Notes: Parent supervisor required on-site.