Thanks to local land owners and much hard work, BORCA hosts over 25km of purpose built singletrack trail. We are volunteer driven and strive to provide users with a high quality trail experience. 

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BOX 399  Beachburg ON K0J 1C0

In 2009 a group of local trail enthusiasts gather on a sunny Sunday morning to clean up a long overdue mess located in a local forest. After three truck loads of garbage were removed, they figured it was time to invest more energy into the natural resources that exist right in their own backyard. 

In 2011, BORCA became a registered Not For Profit. 

Since then, over 25km of singletrack trails have been made and many of the local tracts of land have been protected from futher damage and dumping. 

Since our very first gargabe clean up in 2009 along with the creation of our non-motorized singletrack trails, our local natural resources have experienced a increase in cleanliness and a decrease in illegal dumping and harmful use.